Ayurveda – An Ancient Form of Medication System for Arthritis Disorder

According to conventional medical science, arthritis is a condition of chronic inflammation of the joints such as hands, ankles, knees, and hips. This condition is usually results to acute pain, the stiffness of joints and severe restrictions on a person’s mobility. It can also affect one’s eyes, heart, lungs, blood cells and even skin and bring about numerous medical complications.There Are Several Types of Arthritis: They Are· Ankylosing spondylitis· Rheumatoid arthritis· Psoriatic arthritis· Gout· OsteoarthritisAge is a factor that causes arthritis. When peoples are getting old, their bones get weaker and fragile.Causes of Arthritis in the Human Body

Given the fact there are still unknown Arthritis Causes, the bulk of the medication focuses on alleviating the pain or minimizing the rate of progression of the disease. Some unavailability of medicine can also be Arthritis Causes.Here Are Some Factors That Can Cause Arthritis in the Body· Obesity can also cause arthritis.· Shooting sports and activities like gymnastics, ballet, wrestling, boxing, etc. can also lead to arthritis in the future.· Inheritance or genes are the causative factor of arthritis.· Smoking and stress can also trigger or aggravate arthritic conditions.· Infection with viruses or bacteria can also lead to arthritis.· High levels of urate or uric acid in the blood lead to arthritis called gout.· Abnormalities of the immune system can also cause arthritis.· Consideration of calcium pyrophosphate in the body also causes arthritis.Symptoms of Arthritis Disorder Are your pains a natural part of aging? Or are you feeling some serious sign on your body? While some aging results are just the forms of Arthritis, some Arthritis forms can lead to weakness of the joints. Other types depend on the immune system of the body that turns to itself. How can you know if your pain is natural aging? Understanding the symptoms arthritis in the body can help you find out if you need some drugs such as pain reliever.

Here Are Some Symptoms of Arthritis in the Human Body· Constant joint pain in several places· Redness, swelling, and stiffness· Specific pain on a particular spot· The decrease in range of motion (flexibility)· Your joints start to deform· Always feeling tired, extreme fatigue and weakness· High fever and headacheHeat therapy is also commonly used in Ayurveda treatment for arthritis. This, all about applying heat on the affected areas and may be done with a moist cloth dipped in hot water. Hot oil massages, use of essential oils and various yoga exercises are also used as Arthritis Treatment options.